aeronautics aer‧o‧nau‧tics [ˌeərəˈnɔːtɪks ǁ ˌerəˈnɒː-] noun [uncountable] MANUFACTURING
the science of designing, making, and flying planes:

• techniques developed in theaeronautics industry

— see also aviation
— aeronautic adjective
— aeronautical adjective :

• a Brazilian aeronautical firm

* * *

aeronautic UK US /ˌeərəˈnɔːtɪk/ adjective (also aeronautical)
relating to the designing, building, and flying of planes: »

There have been great developments in aeronautic research.


She is an aeronautical engineer who specializes in finding the fatal flaws in plane crashes.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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